The Priory


As can be seen in the photo, the priory is an end terraced house, located in a residential area of Reading. It provides a place of peace and calm in town where anyone who is interested can come to learn about and practice Soto Zen Buddhism and meditation. The house has had an extension built at the back to provide a meditation hall upstairs.

There is a common room downstairs, with a small library and a large back garden which is available for use by those who come(and which congregation members are welcome to help with the care of).

The resident prior is available to provide support to those who practice and also runs a programme of regular weekly groups and a calendar of other events. (See Weekly events and Event calendar pages). For newcomers, an introductory evening once a month provides an opportunity to find out about our practice and be shown how to do meditation, as we practice it. Anyone who finds this is something they would like to practice is then welcome to attend other events. (See Introductory evening).